91 Minutes / Feature Documentary.

Directors: Patrik Thomas & Mathias R. Zausinger.

Production: Edgar Reitz Filmproduktion.

BOALÂNDIA documents the cultural resistance in the peripheries of Brazil. The protagonists fight for visibility with the means of art. They occupy cities and raise their voice against...

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70 minutes / Feature Film.

Directors: Carlos Ángel Luppi & Daniel Schäfer.

Production: Luis Bustamante, Sonia Stigliano / HFF München / Universidad del Cine.

Jeit Engranaje takes a journey through three phases. He must confront his inner demons and embrace death as a possibility...

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13 Minutes / Short Film.

Director: Theresa Rehe.

Production: Sandra Cavallaro / Atem Film / HFF München.

Having grown increasingly apart since their parents separated, father and daughter now have to rediscover their former bond so that their farewell encounter is not a “farewell”...

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Lass Nicht Los

13 Minutes / Short Film

Director: Antonia Lindner

Production: Rafael Kousz, Sandra Cavallaro / HFF München

Amir and Anouk are driving homewards after their first road trip together. High of their love they feel nothing can ruin their luck until they are being stopped...

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Der Antrag

9 Minutes / Short Film.

Director: Antonia Lindner.

Production: Felix Mann / HFF Munich.

When bureaucracy becomes madness: B. enters the immigration office and runs from room to room, floor to floor, only to have to start all over again. Kafkaesque, huh? As stunned...

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Fata Morgana

29 Minutes / Short Documentary.

Director: Daood Alabdulaa.

Production: HFF Münich.

Truck driver Abu Husain, like many guest workers in Qatar, spends endless hours in a self-contained world of standing, waiting, and tenaciously moving trucks on the fringes of society....

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Ralentir la Chute

19min / Short Film.
Direction: Camille Tricaud, Franziska Unger.
Production: Benedetta Films / HFF München.

The reunion of two ski jumping champions whose romantic past will resurface as they face the demands of their sponsors.


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Sturm & Drang

30min / Short Film,
Direction: Wouter Wirth.
Production: Schmidbauer Film / HFF München.

Knittlingen, 1789. To escape her crushing home, Cornelia decides to run away and use the money stolen from her father to pay a Prussian lieutenant to marry her and take her...

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