Xavier Fleming | Acoustic Engineer

/ Sound Designer, Sound Editor, Mix Engineer & Composer

I’m Xavier Fleming,
a Sound Engineer

I’m a Queensland Conservatorium graduate with a love for audio post-production. I have an unwavering passion for all things music & cinema and love blending fun with work on projects that further my understanding of the industry I love.

Projects & Employment


Black Tie Optional (Short Film)

Sound Editor, Sound Designer & Sound Mixing (Stereo & 5.1 Surround)

This is a graduate production at the Griffith Film School (QCA) and is currently in final mix stages. I became involved with this project through a referral from a former student. I’ve always had a strong passion for film and was seeking the opportunity to work on a project where sound is heavily involved in storytelling. This project taught me a lot about how to implement sound to shape a narrative, as well as the technicalities of dialogue editing and general mix practices for screen audio.


AE Live / National Rugby League

Clock Technician / Timekeeper

I was hired by AE Live in mid 2021 after the entirety of the NRL was shifted to QLD due to Covid-19. My role here was to set up the hardware clock systems that are used by the NRL officials during the game to keep synchronised time between the on-field referees, stadium big screen, Channel 9 broadcast and occasionally Fox Sports & Kayo. During the season, I got to work at NRL events at Suncorp Stadium (Brisbane), CBUS Super Stadium (Gold Coast), Sunshine Coast Stadium, BB Print Stadium (Mackay), Browne Park (Rockhampton) & Moreton Daily Stadium (Redcliffe). During this time, I worked at multiple NRL finals events, including setting up the clock feed for the first ever NRL Grand Final in QLD. Responsibilities also included updating clock software and facilitating with Big Screen & Channel 9 Producers.


The Painter (Short Film)


For this project, I was hired as a replacement composer close to the date of the Picture Lock. I had 1 week to compose the music for a 5-minute horror film. I had multiple meetings with the director, discussing ideas and concepts in the short film that he wanted to be enriched or accentuated by the music. We worked hard to maintain a balanced duality of energy between sound and picture, resulting in firm control of both pacing and tonality. 


Dezmond – Want It All (A COLORS SHOW)

Instrumental Mix Engineering

I initially met Dezmond through assisting with vocal mixes and basic mastering on his productions while I was still in the early stages of my degree. This relationship helped us both vastly, as Dezmond was afforded access to engineering for his releases, and I was able to gain valuable real world mix engineering experience. Dezmond would provide a single stereo file of his instrumental, leaving me isolated stems only for his vocals. I did vocal mixes for 2 of Demond’s EP’s (Selected tracks on Wrath & Crimson Rose 2008) & also worked on Singles (Want It All, Taste, Elevator Music, Bad Man etc). Dezmond was approached by COLORS to perform at their studios in Berlin. Dezmond attained full stems for the song so that he could adjust the mix to his liking, the revised version I worked on was the version used in the COLORS SHOW online presentation.

2017 – 2021

Lagardere Travel Retail (Tech2go)

Headphone Sales Specialist

At Tech2go, I was tasked with selling consumer grade noise cancelling & high-fidelity headphones to Qantas Club members and general travellers. Here, I’m valued for my in-depth understanding of sound & audio (developed through my degree) and well researched knowledge of our stocked brands. I have a great ability to thoroughly articulate the specifications & advantages / disadvantages of a product in a manner that’s clear to understand for our customers.


TRL – Touch Rugby League

Match Official / Referee

At TRL, I was tasked with officiating games, dealing with player conflict & maintaining brand standards. This position requires a near flawless understanding of the rule book and the ability to deal with & relieve high adrenaline conflicts. Referees are highly accountable and responsible for ensuring the match remains enjoyable for all participants by maintaining balance and building a rapport of trust  and confidence with the players.

My skills 

Sound Design & Editing0%

Mix Engineering (ITB) - Pro Tools, Ableton Live, Logic Pro & Reaper0%

Surround Sound Mixing (5.1 & 12.4.2 DTS)0%

Planning, Production & Facilitation0%


Sampling & Synthesis0%


2016 – 2020

Bachelor of Music Technology

Awarded at Griffith University’s Queensland Conservatorium


Queensland Certificate of Education

Awarded at Mountain Creek State High School


Certificate IV in Sound Production

Awarded at Nambour Institute of TAFE


Film & Cinema

Writing Music

Rugby Union

Social Sports


English (Proficient)

German (Elementary)

Additional Information

Dual Australian & New Zealand Citizenship

QLD State Issued Drivers Licenced

6 Years Hospitality & Retail Experience

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