91 Minutes / Feature Documentary.

Directors: Patrik Thomas & Mathias R. Zausinger.

Production: Edgar Reitz Filmproduktion.

BOALÂNDIA documents the cultural resistance in the peripheries of Brazil. The protagonists fight for visibility with the means of art. They occupy cities and raise their voice against...

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70 minutes / Feature Film.

Directors: Carlos Ángel Luppi & Daniel Schäfer.

Production: Luis Bustamante, Sonia Stigliano / HFF München / Universidad del Cine.

Jeit Engranaje takes a journey through three phases. He must confront his inner demons and embrace death as a possibility...

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13 Minutes / Short Film.

Director: Theresa Rehe.

Production: Sandra Cavallaro / Atem Film / HFF München.

Having grown increasingly apart since their parents separated, father and daughter now have to rediscover their former bond so that their farewell encounter is not a “farewell”...

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